The Resurrected Church of Jesus Christ International Fellowship Of Independent Ministries (Headquarters) North Charleston, South Carolina 

Chief Apostle Norman J. Witherspoon was born on September 10, 1948 in Charleston South Carolina. He is the son of Mother Rosalie Witherspoon and the late James Witherspoon. Apostle Witherspoon accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in April 1973, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost that same year. He has been saved for thirty years and Pastoring for twenty-two years. He married Pastor Vernell Witherspoon on March 17th, 1973.
He attended Greater Zion I.A.M.E., Church, where he and First Lady Witherspoon began worshipping together. He studied the ministry for four years as a student under the I.A.M.E. Church ministry. He started the gospel film ministry in 1975 and many souls were saved (Burning Hell film). While serving as directed, he held two Morris Cerullo School of Ministry 1988+1991 here in Charleston with 109 students graduating with certificates.
He is a graduate of Trident Technical College, U.S. Army Air Defense Command School (Los Angeles, California), Southeastern Business College, (Vicenzia, Italy), Rice Business School, and The Morris Curello School of Ministry, Miami Beach School Of Ministry, Morris Cerullo World Conference School Of Ministry. After becoming a license minister in 1974, he began his outreach ministry that extended into hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and street corners, door-to-door and church-to-church. His ministry has reached as far as North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Apostle Witherspoon is also a former employee of the Charleston Naval Shipyard as an Operating Engineer, Former Chairman of the Advisory Board for Franklin C. Fetter for 14 years, and former board member of the Alcohol Abuse and Drug Commission.
While continuing his studies under the I.A.M.E Ministry, he was ordained an elder and was later appointed Assistant Pastor and ultimately he became presiding Elder over the South Carolina District of I.A.M.E. Churches.
Pastor Witherspoon's Ministry has touched many lives via television, radio, and through the community involvement. His television ministry started in January 1988 on UPN Channel 36, and also broadcasting on Comcast Cable Channel 2 for one year. He has also broadcasted on WPAL 730 AM, WLNB 1450, WZJY 1480 AM, and WQIZ AM. His ministry has spanned the globe reaching out as far as Ghana, West Africa. We are proud partners with Trinity Broadcasting Network.
Achievements under the leadership of Apostle and Pastor Witherspoon:
• Graduates of Morris Cerullo School of Ministry
• Affiliated with the Resurrected Church of Jesus Christ (USA) The Living Waters E. H. Church (Ghana, West Africa) * 200 churches under his license. 

• Members of the Board of Directors, Morris Cerullo Executive Board.
• Countdown to Conquest Founder's Partner's Certificate World Evangelism Morris Cerullo, 1987

 The Good Shepherd Award Association.
• 1998 Executive Board Member of the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism.
• Member of God's Victorious Army 
• Notary Public
• Outreach (An International Radio Ministry Bulletin
* The Enemy and the Burning Hell films were aired at the Resurrected Church of Jesus Christ. 1975 - 1988

He was ordained and consecrated to the office of Apostle under the leadership of the late Chief Apostle Ernest Leonard, The Cornelius Connection International, Newark, New Jersey

On December 23, 2003, his wife, Pastor Vernell R. Witherspoon was ordained and elevated to the office of Pastor of the Resurrected Church of Jesus Christ International Fellowship of Independent Ministries and he became Senior Pastor/Overseer.

God has opened a miracle door to the radio broadcasting, our world outreach ministries reaching lost souls world wide by way of radio, a listening audience of 1.4 billion souls. We are the church with a big vision; we are the healing temples of the community. This may be the church for you.

February 27, 1956 - November 4, 2016
The Seed Of Life Is Jesus Ministries (under the jurisdiction of Resurrected Church) Swainsboro, Georgia

Jessie M. Scott was the pastor at Seed Of Life ls Jesus Ministries located in Swainsboro, GA. The church was established July of 2007 at which time, Jessie Scott was ordained as Pastor. The church is under the jurisdiction of The Resurrected Church Of North Charleston,S.C. Jessie have participated as a volunteer minister in the jail, drug rehab,and prison ministry. A weekly intercessory prayer has gone forth. Also a weekly radio broadcast airs every sunday morning at 9:06 on WJAT 800 a.m. Jessie is a retired substitute teacher and is married to Delmas Scott. She departed this life from labor to reward on Friday, November 4, 2015

Pastor Jessie Mae Scott was born February 27, 1956 in Wrightsville. She graduated from Washington County High School in 1975. Afterward, she completed two years at Clark College in Atlanta and two years at Swainsboro Technical College, and earned a master’s license in cosmetology. Scott was also employed with the Emanuel County Board of Education as a substitute teacher for 12 years. She had many talents, from singing to singing and baking.

The Seed of Life Is Jesus Ministries had its beginning on April 25, 1987. The spirit of Christ was birthed inside of Scott instantly. She knew that it truly was the life of the Son that had come and took up His abroad in her heart. The ministry was established as a church on July 29, 2007. God had appointed and ordained Scott’s life to be strong in faith and give glory to Him. He commissioned Pastor Scott to go into the world to share the gospel through singing, teaching and evangelizing.

The sole purpose of the ministry was to evangelize to unbelievers, adults and children with the simple grace gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry was under the jurisdiction of the Resurrected Church of Jesus Christ International Ministries of Charleston, S.C. with Chief Apostle Norman J. Witherspoon as the overseer.

Pastor Scott had conducted services in detention centers, state prisons and churches throughout Georgia. She served as the pastor of Seed of Life Is Jesus Ministries for nine years and eight years of Radio Broadcast Ministry. She performed a 5-song video album on Nashville Gospel Starseek Program on July 23, 1995. Scott worked with the youth for many years as well, organizing a group called “The Seed Of Life Youth Group” in 2000, where over 75 young people participated. Pastor Scott and the group completed a total of five gospel recordings, with all songs written by her.

PASTORS: Prophet Sammy Jones and Evangelist Shirley Jones
FLAMES OF FIRE MINISTRIES (Vadalia. Georgia) under the jurisdiction of 
The Resurrected Church of Jesus Christ
Interim Pastor of Seed of Life is Jesus Ministries (Swainsboro, Georgia)